Tapahtumakalenteri 2019

Järjestämme vuoden 2019 aikana 4 sparrauskertaa, teemailtoja. Kalenterikutsut lähtevät kunhan sparraustiimien osallistujat ovat selvinneet.

18.1.2019 How to avoid the common pitfalls of scaling up for growth?


An invite only breakfast session will be held friday at Smartly where we will talk about scaling up from startup to scaleup. At the breakfast session successful scaleups share their experiences and learnings from scaling up to a selected group of promising startups: how to avoid the common pitfalls of scaling up for growth? We also offer a great possibility for networking with like-minded scalers and discussing shared challenged and experiences.

Key questions we will focus on:

  • What are the typical pitfalls of scaling up from startup to scaleup, and how to avoid them?
  • What to keep in mind when building a larger organization and balancing between agility and structures?

At the breakfast session we will hear the scaleup stories from two wildly successful Finnish scaleups: 

  • Anssi Rusi, COO @ Smartly
  • Sonja Rajala, Development Director @ Relex Solutions 

The breakfast session fits the 20 first sign-ups, so remember to register in as soon as possible to reserve your seat at the table! The session is free of charge (no-show fee of 30€). We are looking forward to seeing you!



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5.3.2019 Työvoiman kouluttaminen ja tuottavuuden nostaminen

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Järjestämme yhdessä EK:n kanssa aamupäivä tilaisuuden. Ilmoittaudu mukaan pyytämällä kalenterikutsun.

15.3.2019 Kasvuryhmän vuosikokous

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Kasvuryhmän vuosikokous järjestetään X tiloissa. Avoin kaikille Kasvuryhmän kasvukapteeneille. Tervetuloa mukaan!

12.6.2019 Kasvuryhmän kesäjuhlat

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