What we do

Kasvuryhmään brings together the most ambitious scaleups in Finland, who are committed into building the next growth leap of Finland together. Everything we do in Kasvuryhmä is ensured to be driven by culture of sharing, co-sparring and selflessness willingness to help a colleague out in any way you can.

The principles of our activities

Kasvuryhmä activities are directed at optimising individual as well as collective growth objectives. Our members, the growth captains of mid-sized scaleups, meet regularly to debate, discuss and solve growth obstacles. Every attendee commits into not only learning from the people around, but also to contribute his or her experiences, knowledge and learnings to others’ benefit.

All discussions held in Kasvuryhmä context are always confidential.

1. Sparring for growth

Every business leader knows how easy it is to neglect the topic of growth when you slip into managing daily operations. Kasvuryhmä is the forum that merely focuses on this important topic: what can you accomplish, how can you reach it and what obstacles you have to tackle in order to succeed. In Kasvuryhmä context, growth needs to be in your focus at all time and this is what you will be sparred about.

2. Learning across industries

If you want to do something different and disruptive for growth, you will most likely need to do something that has not been done in your field before. Kasvuryhmä allows you to break the boundaries set in your industry and learn and become inspired from unlikely sources of business. There is no reason IT company could not learn from a company working in building industry, and vice versa.

3. Sharing lessons learned

There is no need for each of us to invent the wheel over and over again. There is also no need to make the same mistakes your colleagues have made in the past. Sharing experiences, good practices and lessons learned allows collective wisdom to grow. There is so much to learn from stories shared by a leader to a leader, and by an entrepreneur to an entrepreneur.


The objective for members is their Outrageous Promise, and their chosen weapon is co-sparring. Sparring allows scaleup leaders to share good practices and lessons learned to one another, but also to give one another the vital support needed to take action and aim high.

The Outrageous Promise.

Everything begins with ambitious goals. Without them, growth is just wishful thinking. In Kasvuryhmä, each member not only makes what we call an Outrageous Promise, which is an ambitious description of what their company will be in five years, but also shares it with the group. This is a simple way to make the promise real.

Sparring meetings.

Members meet one another regularly for sparring and case sessions – sometimes everyone, sometimes in small teams, sometime one-on-one. There are no external speakers or specialists, nor the meetings intend to train or teach a right way to do anything. Instead, they boil down to real-life challenges and obstacles that are discussed in confidentiality between members. Sometimes the founding members of Kasvuryhmä join the meetings as sparrers, but in fact everyone is there to contribute and share in addition to learning.

Fundamentals of growth.

In addition to the outrageous promise, all members have identified their primary growth project: whether the project has to do with R&D, new markets or A&M, this is where they intend to invest, take risks and gather their next growth leap. In Kasvuryhmä, the primary growth projects of all members are tracked and monitored: as a member, you are publicly held liable for your semi-annual objectives in relation to your growth strategy.

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