Theme nights – For every scaleup’s relevant topics

Members of Kasvuryhmä gather four times a year to untie a relevant theme that applies to any growth company.

Previous themes have been:

10/2015: Culture for growth
10/2015: Imitation
12/2015: Personnel
5/2016: Growth organization
3/2016: Brand and desisn
6/2016: Meaningfullness
8/2016: Board work
10/2016: Failure
2/2017: Financing growth
5/2017: Rewarding systems
6/2017: Models of collaboration
9/2017: Employer brand
12/2017: Acquisitions
4/2018: Internationalization
6/2018: Growing as a leader

Theme nights are held in finnish. The topics are chosen based on members’ requests. Theme nights are meant for exchanging stories about different approaches to vital topics that different companies can have.