The team

  • Katriina Juntunen
    +358 41 438 0469
    Katriina is a result-oriented developer of change methods who has years of experience in management and strategy work. Katriina cares about sustainable growth. Hey member, Katriina wants to know how you are - "Always feel free to call me!
  • Elina Mauno
    +358 40 514 7290
    Elina is the one for assuring our operations are in line with our mission. Elina also handles the external partners and funding. Elina can't be seen without a wide smile and a vibrant gaze ahead. Contact Elina about our partners.
  • Jooel Friman
    Jooel is our tech guru who reads 200 books a year. Jooel makes sure everything from trivia to large entities is in harmony while designing cheer up emojis for the team. Contact Jooel about the impact of scaleups.
  • Elina Jaakkola
    +358 40 570 5051
    Elina is a management expert whose passion is eliminating growth barriers. Elina wants to inspire scaleups to utilise global change forces and megatrends as a source for competitive advantage. Contact Elina about our theme of circular economy.
  • Mikaela Wikström
    +358 50 525 8907
    Mikaela is an energy pack who makes sure our over 40 yearly events function. Mikaela is enthusiastic about the growth atmosphere is Finnish companies and she can be found in the cross-fit gym each morning. Contact Mikaela about events.
  • Krista Lagus
    +358 40 825 1418
    As a home-returnee expat, Krista crystallises big entities. She is a dynamic coach as well as a calm logician in one package. Contact Krista with thoughts having to do with our members.
  • Annamari Silvennoinen
    +358 40 192 2429
    Annis is an energetic change driver, who has both the ability to solve complex business challenges as well as practically “get things done”. Fascinated about what truly drives growth, especially from people perspective, she wants to learn more on how we can create world changing success stories. Contact Annis with anything regarding our members or peer-to-peer -activities.


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