Sparring sessions – Towards growth with peer support

There is no need for each of us to invent the wheel over and over again. There is also no need to make the same mistakes your colleagues have made in the past.

In sparring sessions, scaleup founders and executives come together into teams of 15-25 people and meet up 5 times a year. They coach, support and push each others’ aims for growth as well as solve current challenges in growth management. Chatham house -rules are applied in all meetings and confidentiality is a part of Kasvuryhmä’s spirit.

There are commonly two cases brought into each sparring session. Kasvuryhmä’s founding members and other members function as coaches. In a viewpoint -case a brave member opens up their growth story and helps other members get insights for their own businesses. In a roundtable -case members take turns to openly introduce their current situation and challenges and put themselves out there, receiving sparring from the entire team for those areas where it is currently needed.

Topics vary with different situations having to do with managing growth and eliminating growth barriers. How should I motivate the management team to adopt a culture for growth? What can I do to minimize person risk? How can I bring data and analytics to support growth strategy?

Sharing experiences, good practices and lessons learned allows collective wisdom to grow. There is so much to learn from stories shared by a leader to a leader, and by an entrepreneur to an entrepreneur.