Scaleups are key players for Finland’s next growth leap. Scaleups are mid-sized companies with ambitious growth aims and they form a large part of Finland’s private sector revenue and jobs.

Scaleups are mid-sized companies with an ambitious drive for growth.

In Kasvuryhmä, scaleups are considered as companies who generate at least 10M euros of revenue per year and have high aims in terms of growth. Scaleups are the key players in Finnish business environment, who have the potential to take the entire economy towards the next growth leap.

Why exactly mid-sized companies?

In the year 2015 mid-sized companies were only 1% of Finnish companies. Similarly, they beared a significant role in terms of Finland’s economy, since they themselves create around 30% of the GDP and around 30% of jobs in the private sector.

Back then, the founder members of Kasvuryhmä wondered that if even a fracture of this group would turn their grown engine on to full speed there could be notable impact on the economy as well. At the time the mid-sized companies were growing at the rate of 0.5% on average. What if they would start growing at 2%, 5% or even 10%? Would 15% be completely outrageous?