Intros – Someone else has already figured it out

Your most problematic growth barriers have most likely already been solved by another member of Kasvuryhmä. This is why you can always ask for sparring one-on-one, in order to learn from experiences of the others.

When executing outrageous promises, there can – and will be – be speed bumps on the way. When one is faced with a critical decision or a surprising obstacles, peer support plays a huge role. The team continuously introduces members to one another privately, who might have something to learn from one another. In many cases, someone with an obstacle is brought together with someone who has gone through the same barriers in the past.

While Kasvuryhmä does not function as an external consultant service, the nature of the community is that everyone is there to share what they have learned. Our community withholds an enormous amount of collective knowledge and expertise on the barriers of being a growth manager. Each member of Kasvuryhmä is committed to sharing their own experiences to others in the spirit of helping a colleague out.

Kasvuryhmä’s team aims to introduce members who could solve their acute challenges and questions by having conversations with someone who has been in the same situations.