Growth Schemes – from where do you intend to build your growth?

Growth Schemes are undertakings that are vital for the growth. They form route towards the Outrageous Promise.

The Outrageous Promises made by Kasvuryhmä’s members are routinely being tracked. As the promises have an ambitious nature, they must be accompanied with clearly identified Growth Schemes. The Outrageous Promise reflects where we want to go and the Growth Schemes stand for the route how to get there.

Growth Scheme

Growth Schemes are critical growth projects that are worth spending significant amount of time and effort on. A Growth Scheme can be considered good when it passes a throughout screening:

1. It is critical not only for you, but also for your client

2. It solves a significant problem

3. It is independent – success does not depend on third parties, it depends on yourself

4. It is not a product project, but a scalable business development undertaking

5. It solves the problem with a big enough difference in change

6. It creates inevitably extensive and measurable benefit

7. It does not only focus on cost savings

Top Scheme

Amongst the Growth Schemes there is one Top Scheme being chosen. It stands for the most important undertaking that you want to utilise Kasvuryhmä’s support on. next to the Top Scheme there are multiple other Growth Schemes, the total of  3-5 of them. There should always be a few schemes in the storage where they can be dragged up in the case of another schemes being quit. The Top Scheme can be evaluated though a screening:

1. It is brave and includes a new choice (for instance a new market, product or business model)

2. It is a source of powerful growth in itself (15+ % p.a.) – not only an action that supports growth or making minor changes

3. A direct numeral new revenue potential can be evaluated for it


Top Schemes are monitored on by setting up biannual waypoints and keeping track on how they go through. A good description for a waypoint includes 3 criteria:

1.It is measurable, meaning it so clear that you can define an exact moment when it is achieved

2. It is ambitious, giving out an image of what your organisation can achieve in its best

3. It is realistic. You are serious about it and your organisation has already started to set their mind to it and for instance on its resourcing.