Members of Kasvuryhmä meet up several times a year – in sparring teams of around 15 people, occasionally with the entire group of 200 members, and sometimes one-to-one. There are no external consultants in the meeting and they are not lectures. In stead the spotlight is on the real life challenges of entrepreneurs and managers, which they openly bring to the table to discuss with others. However, there are usually external sparrers involved sharing their experiences on successful scaling of businesses.

Sparring sessions

Towards growth with peer support

Scaleup founders and executives meet up four times a year in small groups. They coach, support and push each others’ aims for growth as well as solve current challenges in growth management. Chatham house -rules are applied in all meetings and confidentiality is a part of Kasvuryhmä’s spirit.

There are commonly two cases brought into each sparring session. Kasvuryhmä’s founding members and other members function as coaches. In a viewpoint -case a brave member opens up their growth story and helps other members get insights for their own businesses. In a roundtable -case members take turns to openly introduce their current situation and challenges and put themselves out there, receiving sparring from the entire team for those areas where it is currently needed.

Topics vary with different situations having to do with managing growth and eliminating growth barriers. How should I motivate the management team to adopt a culture for growth? What can I do to minimize person risk? How can I bring data and analytics to support growth strategy?

Theme nights

Gatherings for universal growth issues

Members of Kasvuryhmä gather four times a year to untie a relevant theme that applies to any growth company. The spotlight is on member’s own challenges as well as external cases to learn from. Theme nights are meant for exchanging stories about different approaches to vital topics that different companies can have. The topics of theme nights are chosen based on members’ requests.

Previous themes have been:

10/2015: Culture for growth
10/2015: Imitation
12/2015: Personnel
5/2016: Growth organization 3/2016: Brand and design
6/2016: Meaningfullness
8/2016: Board work
10/2016: Failure
2/2017: Financing growth
5/2017: Rewarding systems
6/2017: Models of collaboration
9/2017: Employer brand
12/2017: Acquisitions
4/2018: Internationalization
6/2018: Growing as a leader

Growth Pit

Where the highway to growth starts from

In the growth pit members are divided into groups based on their current hot topics and challenges for peer sparring. They get to exchange thoughts and ideas about themes with others who are in the same situation – whether it is about challenges in the market of China, renewing management work or spotting new growth schemes.

In addition to the sparring that adresses common challenges the growth pit offers valuable visions from more experienced doers. In super sparring some of the most prestigious growth composers of Finland and Kasvuryhmä’s own sparrers open up obstacles and lessons from their own path and are ready to take into complicated themes for the sake of helping others.


Encounters from individual to other

Your most problematic growth barriers have most likely already been solved by another member of Kasvuryhmä. This is why you can always ask for sparring one-on-one, in order to learn from experiences of the others.

While Kasvuryhmä does not function as an external consultant service, the nature of the community is that everyone is there to share what they have learned. Our community withholds an enormous amount of collective knowledge and expertise on the barriers of being a growth manager. Each member of Kasvuryhmä is committed to sharing their own experiences to others in the spirit of helping a colleague out.

The Kasvuryhmä team aims to introduce members who could solve their current challenges by having conversation with someone who has been in the same situation. In many cases, someone with an obstacle is brought together with someone who has gone through the same barriers in the past.