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Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland) is a movement bringing together Finnish mid-sized companies in the pursuit of growth. Our members are helping one another become world changing success stories. 

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What is Kasvuryhmä?

Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland) is a movement of Finnish scaleup -companies who are helping one another become world changing success stories.

Kasvuryhmä is founded in 2015 to bring together Finnish mid-sized companies in the pursuit of growth and has currently over 200 scaleup -leaders and -owners as members. Founders of Kasvuryhmä include well-known names from the Finnish business world such as Mika Anttonen, Aaro Cantell, Matti Alahuhta and Ilkka Paananen. Member companies’ common goal is to grow 15M euros as a community by the end of 2023.

Kasvuryhmä strives to lead the path towards an entrepreneur-minded economy trough inspiring and encouraging transformation and growth. Kasvuryhmä’s operation has its root values in sharing, peer pressure and unconditional helping of each other.

Do you want steam for growth?

If you are a crowth captain of a scaleup company and believe in your business being able to grow and transform in a way never seen before, you belong with our ambitious collective!

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Auditing yourself is fooling yourself. Thanks to external auditing customer satisfactions works both ways: customer’s satisfaction towards service work but also service employee’s satisfaction towards the customer.

Don’t give out freedom of choice. Not even a pro executive board can work for more than 2-4 development projects per year. When the saturation point is outweighed, people start to pick out the nicest projects – and the rest are left undone because there is not enough time.


Recruit outside the house if needed. When you are recruiting for a key role and you can’t come up with the correct person from inside the company within half an hour, there is no such person available. Know-how and attitude should be recruited from external sources if needed.

Remember the balance in communications. New schemes for growth have to be brought up relentlessly, but you should never forget the good old. Value both new and old and let your”growth project” be communicated as “the path for the future”.

Any plan, do it with courage. Whether a project is about growth or budget cuts, take it through with courage and determination.

Make the same decision multiple times. Even though you’ve decided to invest on a project, situations change and even good decisions have to be reconsidered. Ask yourself between stages, is this worth be continued? If the best reason to continue is that the decision is already made, it doesn’t take you far.

Your ability to react is always late. By the time you find a problem, your organisation has seen it already a year ago. You are already late, so react at the spot.

Turn the strategy around. Start by visioning your goals, divide them into smaller key performance indicators, and only then go to action. This makes strategy more see through, and less dull.

Give it time to sink in. When you have contemplated of an idea over and over again, you are running five miles ahead in the conversation when presenting it. The other one can’t be go from 0 to 100 in excitement.

You can’t build a service business from a distance. Services can’t be designed concertedly from the head quarters but rather built from the customer level.

A must is a good muse – otherwise nothing will happen. External pressures and schedules help taking a growth plan forward if the market itself doesn’t yet require transformation. Pressure for instance from a client or a funding source might function as a good driver for change.

Consider an Outrageous reward. Certain clear and concrete waypoints can be speeded up with an outrageous reward. This can be anything from extra month’s pay to a weekend in Tallin. But be careful that this doesn’t turn out to be a habit expected to happen every time.

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