Rediscovering the entrepreneurial spark

Passion to grow, transform, and change the world

Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland) is a movement bringing together Finnish mid-sized companies in the pursuit of growth. Our members are helping one another become world changing success stories.

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Number of members:
189 189
Total revenue of member companies:
12.9 BN € 12.9 BN €
Target revenue by 2020:
23.8 BN € 23.8 BN €

1. Finland is not doing so well.

Finland is not at its best at the moment. Apathy is widespread, and no one seems to know exactly where to start disentangling the knot. We yearn for growth, but it just isn’t happening.

2. Mid-sized companies are in a key position.

We at Kasvuryhmä believe that mid-sized companies like ourselves hold a crucial position. With revenues of over 10 MEUR, we have already experienced our first growth spurts and now look to channel our resources, hunger, and scalability into building new success stories. In the 2010’s, responsible business means constant reinvention, and that’s why we challenge one another to venture into new paths.

3. Why Kasvuryhmä?

The pursuit of growth can get lonely, but Kasvuryhmä has a simple solution: we bring the growth-hungry together and multiply the know-how available. Because new growth requires new thinking, we unleash the potential of experience-based knowledge and allow for exchange across industries. To make sure growth doesn’t lose its spot as a priority, we create the pressure to push us from words to actions.

That’s why.